Dunkirk Public Library


The library and Glass Museum are places that belong to everyone. We have established basic rules of courtesy so that our facilities are pleasant places for all to visit.
If your conduct or activities violate our rules, you will be asked to change your disruptive behavior. Failure to do so may result in the loss of library privileges, up to and including removal from the building(s) and contacting police. The library defines "disruptive behavior" as any act that interferes with library or museum services or with someone else’s use of the library or museum.


• Possession of alcohol, illegal substances, or a weapon (except law enforcement) anywhere on library or museum properties
• Abusive, threatening or harassing behavior in any form 
• Mutilation, defacement, or theft of library or museum materials and equipment or the private property of staff or other visitors 
• Selling, polling, soliciting, panhandling, or loitering on library or museum property 
• Intoxication or impairment 
• Obscene, profane, or abusive language or acts
• Sleeping in the library or museum
• Smoking inside the library or museum
• Strong odors or offensive bodily hygiene that interfere with or disrupt others from using library or museum spaces 
• Use of audible sound devices that disrupt others' use of the library or museum including Cell phones
• Use of furniture, equipment and facilities in a manner for which they were not intended 
• No roller blades, scooters, or skateboards may be used on library or museum property. 
Other Rules of Conduct to be observed in the library and museum are:
• Children under the age of 7 may not be left unattended anywhere in the library or museum. 
• Use of library or museum office equipment and/or telephones is not permitted. Courtesy phones for emergencies are available at the information desk. 
• Only service animals or animals involved in library programs are allowed in the library or museum. No unattended animals are allowed on library or museum property. 
• Visitors who wish to take photographs or videotape or use other recording devices must be authorized by the individuals involved or by the parents or guardians of minors. 
• All briefcases, luggage, handbags, packages, overcoats and shopping bags may be inspected by library or museum security staff at any time. 
• All visitors must wear shoes and shirts while in the library. 
• Visitors may not enter non-public areas unless accompanied by library or museum staff. 
Adopted by the Dunkirk Public Library Board of Trustees on May 14, 2007


*Parents/guardians/caregivers are responsible for their children’s behavior 
  and adherence to rules while they are in the library.
*We ask that children be responsible with furniture, desks, or shelving, 
  books, other library materials or misuse library equipment, such as
*We ask that children should refrain from disrupting the library by 
  screaming, shouting or crying.
*If the parent/guardian/caregiver cannot/refuses to control the child, he/she 
  and the child/children will be asked to leave the library.
*Because the library is a well-trafficked area that may pose a threat for an
  unattended child, children age 7 or younger must be accompanied by a 
  responsible parent, guardian or caregiver at least 13 years of age while in 
  the library.  Parents/guardians/caregivers may not leave young children 
  unattended in the library.
*The Library is not a playground.  Children are not be permitted to run and 
  or chase each other in the facility.
The Library Staff is:
a) Authorized to advise the caregiver who is in the building to resume control of the child.
b) Authorized to locate an appropriate caregiver, if none is in the building by phone to immediately pick up the child.
c) Authorized to contact the police to pick up the child if a caregiver cannot be located in a reasonable length of time.
d) Not authorized to take the child from the building, including transporting the child to another location.
*When children age 12 or younger remain at the library at closing time, a library staff member will remain with the child for 15 minutes.  If a responsible adult cannot be located to pick up the child in that time, the police shall be called to pick up the child.
*When minors age 8 to 18 are asked to leave the building for dangerous or disruptive behavior, the parent/guardian will be notified in writing of the action if that parent/guardian’s identity is known.





Dunkirk Public Library Mission Statement

The Dunkirk Public Library will welcome and support all people in their enjoyment of reading and their pursuit of lifelong learning through a variety of technological means.

In keeping with this mission, the Library provides free Internet access for any legal or ethical purpose.

The Internet and its available resources contain a wide variety of material and opinion from diverse points of view.  In offering Internet access, Library staff cannot control access points that library customers reach.  Minor children (13 and under) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who assumes responsibility for their child’s use of the Internet through the library’s connection.  Children ages 13-16 must have a parental permission signature on file in order to use the Internet unaccompanied by an adult.  It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to determine whether to place restrictions on his/her child in the use of the Internet.

The Dunkirk Library assumes no responsibility for damages, direct or indirect, arising from the use of its World Wide Web server or from its connections to other Internet services.  The Dunkirk Library will be educating minors about appropriate online behavior, including interacting with other individuals on social networking websites and in chat rooms, cyberbullying awareness, and response.

Due to the limited resources available at the Dunkirk Public Library, the user shall limit their usage to a maximum of one hour per visit, unless otherwise deemed necessary by library personnel for the user to complete research on a subject.  It shall be at the library’s discretion to limit use at any time due to the high demand of the available computer station(s).

Internet privileges may be suspended or revoked by the Dunkirk Library administration at any time, without prior notice or hearing, for abusive conduct or violation of the conditions set forth in this document.  Dunkirk Library will be the sole arbiter of what constitutes abusive conduct or violation of the “DINA” acceptable use policy.  Users must abide by the Library’s agreement with the Internet service provider.

Using the library computer system is a privilege, not a right. We ask that patrons use only programs that are available on the public menu. Abuse of the system and/or equipment will result in denial of further computer use.   Any patron owing the maximum fines amount to the library will be denied access to the Internet per the following code:  

Indiana Administrative Code 590 rule 6 http://www.in.gov/legislative/iac/T05900/A00060.PDF? states on page 5:

(14) The library shall provide public access computers with a minimum Internet connection speed of one and five-tenths megabits per second (1.5 Mbps) per fixed service location. Computers shall be provided for the free use of all persons regardless of residency, so long as such use would not violate any laws or other legally binding prohibitions imposed upon the person, including, but not limited to, fines owed to the library or violations of library policies.


*Use for any purpose that violate applicable federal, state or local Laws.

*Interfering with or disrupting other computer users, service or equipment.

*Attempting to gain or gaining unauthorized entry to other computing information, or 

      communications devices or resources.

*Entering contests offered via the Internet.

*Entering or participating in on line chat rooms or instant messaging.

*Malicious, threatening, harassing or obscene behavior.  

(Obscene behavior includes public display of obscene materials or language on computer screen or hard copy.)

Users whose conduct violates federal, state or local laws will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  Evidence of Illegal activity will be reported to the proper legal authorities.  Dunkirk Library will cooperate with the proper authorities in the investigation of illegal activities.

Dunkirk Library makes no warranties, expressed or implied, that the functions or content of the system will meet any users specific requirements, or that it will be error-free or trouble-free, current or uninterrupted; nor shall Dunkirk Library be liable for any direct or indirect, incidental, or consequential damages (including lost data, information, or income) sustained or incurred in connection with the use, operations, or inability to use the system.

Approved by the Dunkirk Public Library Board of Trustees on May 12, 1997.

Reviewed and approved by the Dunkirk Public Library Board of Trustees November 13, 2000, January 14, 2003, October 9, 2006, August 11, 2008, March 9, 2009, March 29, 2010, April 10, 2012, July 1, 2012.

The Dunkirk Public Library is apart of Indiana State Library's Evergreen consortium. Dunkirk Public Library follows in accordance with the Evergreen Indiana Circulation Policy. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE POLICY IN ITS ENTIRETY. 

Home bound Services for Patrons

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